2017: What Will You Learn?

30 dec 2016
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Watch the behind the scenes: bit.ly/2i7qvFS
In 2016 I created a series called "Learn Quick" where I learn skills as quickly as possible. In this video I revisit my favourites skills from the previous year to see if I can still do them
What will you learn in 2017?
Previous videos revisited:
Unicycling: bit.ly/2ikHcKs
Juggling: bit.ly/2ip1aq5
Spinning a Basketball: bit.ly/2ioNSKm
Wheelie: bit.ly/2ip0pgM
Rubik's Cube: bit.ly/2ioT6FO
Tablecloth Trick: bit.ly/2hw938R
Backwards Brain Bike: bit.ly/2hyRyrI
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Shot on a Samsung Galaxy S7 in 4K with a Zhiyun Z1 Smooth C smartphone gimbal.
My name is Mike Boyd and I make videos documenting my process of learning stuff really fast. Subscribe for more upcoming videos and feel free to tell me what you'd like me to learn next in the comments or on Twitter (@mikeboydvideo).
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  • Behind the scenes video now live: bit.ly/2i7qvFS

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    • Mike Boyd I have a challenge for you. Learn how to say one sentence backwards.

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    • ,Mike Boyd .,

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    • Like a boss

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  • Fuck you

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  • Where was kickflip 😢

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  • Is that time under near how long it took u to learn

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  • Me:Maths science history geography english grammar

    Zubaidadbsfdtihxgjdxdiig AsifZubaidadbsfdtihxgjdxdiig AsifPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • Now wheelie the backwards bike

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  • 1:49 - bLANKET GETS sTUCK iN tREE

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  • 1:43 lol 7 seconds already learned nobody beleived that when see the video ok i beleive you

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  • Hi nice video thanks for sharing Ansonia Bussey sent me

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  • All the sick skills: where like 6 hours Table cloth trick: am I a joke to you?

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  • 2019?

    azijat Dzuliazijat DzuliPirms Gada
  • i don't know if you will even see this but i just wanted to say that besides the tablecloth trick, the wheelie (i do want to learn that though) and the backwards brain bike, i have learned every skill in this video because of this channel and i think your channel is awesome! : )

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  • Oops 1:53

    Damo SayerDamo SayerPirms Gada
  • 2:53 he looks mad

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  • I really should buy myselfe a backwords brain cycle... no one would ever steal this :)

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  • I can do all those things he learnt, except rubix cube of course 😒 love the channel

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  • First time I watched this video it inspired me to learn to juggle

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  • Crazy to think Ive been here since the beginning of your channel. So happy to see you blow up! you deserve all these subscribers.

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  • What about pick a lock

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  • This channel is like a human science experiment

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  • Learn how to front flip

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  • I dare you to learn to wheelie that backwards bike

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  • BunnyHop

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  • Lol isnt this exactly the same as the 2018 one

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  • I will learn how yo get 1 k subscriber an a day

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  • the manual

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  • Dude....there was a video of a guy who made a backwards brain bike...he traveled the world trying to get people to ride a certain length and no one could do it supposedly....he said it took him a super long time to learn and couldn't ride a regular bike afterwards..even offered cash....and you did it after an 1hr and still can ride a normal bike lol....either you're a beast or that guy was a lying turd

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  • I teached my cousin to solve a 3x3 in 3 hours xD.

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  • nah way and why u do it there my not in ur garden?

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  • Do wheelie on backwards brain bike

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  • Nice Bro

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  • I'm trying to learn how to dance like Michael Jackson but that's gonna take more than a year lmao

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  • This is such a cool video

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  • Learn how to do add math

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  • I learned how to ride a motorcycle, i have learned poker, blackjack, how to put together an engine and how to tear it apart (atleast the engine i have in one of my motorcycles). and probably alot more things that i cant remember

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  • Does bmx effct to wheelie i have tall saddle bmx and im practising wheelie for like +15 hours maybe longer

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  • 2:21 i learned to build 1x1 in fortnite!

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  • It took u 4 hours to learn to spin on finger it took me 30 mins

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  • i can do a wheel e

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  • you should do a wheely on the backwards brain bike

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  • i will learn that my actions have consequences

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  • On a bicycle since age 5 and can only wheelie 10ft. This guy is good.

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  • No skateboarding trickssss

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  • Respect voor jouw uithoudingsvermogen

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  • My school uses this as an inspirational video (i love your channel)

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  • Learn to Fingrrboard

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  • Learning a Wheelie in 7 hours is soooooo COOL!

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  • I am one off those people who is good at many many things, None of which generate any income.

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  • im still working on a manuel

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  • You learned 23 thing this year or more 😎

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  • Learn to wheelie or manual the backwards brain bike! I know you can do a lot of stuff but i think that will be a serious challenge for you! That would be awesome!

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