Discomfort: How to Hack Your Performance

21 jan 2019
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In this episode I talk about how I learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, to push myself and my limits. All learned after one BIG, frustrating, mistake when I was making my muscle up video. ENJOY!
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  • This video is fantastic. Thank you. Definitely the push that I needed to give myself. Am getting back on track with my writing and silat training. Hell yeah

    Steve The PesilatSteve The PesilatPirms 17 dienām
  • Wow very helpful, just try harder and you'll do it

    Vuk KraguljacVuk KraguljacPirms Mēneša
  • Is it hard to swim a mile? I feel like everyone can do that

    danny Shackleboltdanny ShackleboltPirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • 4:31 after that sentance he cut a bit out... Did he check if he was recording?

    Jaypower kJaypower kPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • I love this!

    Emre UyarEmre UyarPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • I love his english😂

    Abdullah MirzaAbdullah MirzaPirms 8 Mēnešiem
  • For me, being embarrassed is what motivates me, so I always go harder and do better in public around people I know, which I guess controversial with this.

    memesarewildmemesarewildPirms 9 Mēnešiem
  • This is and will always be one of my favorite videos on LVworld

    Sarah A.Sarah A.Pirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • I’ve been having trouble with making progress with things lately. I think this is precisely what I needed to hear.

    Zach WilcockZach WilcockPirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • Pretty wise words Mike

    Jacks OrangesJacks OrangesPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • thank you for that viedo it's extremly motivating

    MinimumFLMinimumFLPirms Gada
  • In education theory we call that the proximal zone, and it is indeed the most effective way to learn. I tend to be more cautious about applying it to physical training though - I mean we know we can temporarily unlock superhuman strength by flooding the body with adrenaline, but that's hella dangerous and will very often result in injury.

    Pat HeddlesPat HeddlesPirms Gada
  • "Bump up the intensity slider ever so slightly so you're operating in the region where you're not completely calm and comfortable" I'm very new at going to the gym and I've kinda felt at my last 2 or 3 sessions I've been too "comfortable". You're right. You're so right it hurts (or will do the next time I hit the cross-trainer!)

    Liam BradfordLiam BradfordPirms Gada
  • You could have done 10 that day, dig deep. i enjoy your vids, good job sir.

    LukeLukePirms Gada
  • You inspire me

    TheFreakin DuoTheFreakin DuoPirms Gada
  • Try to lurn a handstand

    Skip UngerSkip UngerPirms Gada
  • Led Zeppelin yaaaaasss!!!👌👌👌

    Albin PetschauerAlbin PetschauerPirms Gada
  • Please learn to play the piano

    Lucas SumnerLucas SumnerPirms Gada
  • Vsauce, mike here. getting comfortable. with discomfort.

    Shannon BaneyShannon BaneyPirms Gada
  • Hey mike I have been inspired by all your videos and this video especially this one I have been trying to learn unusual trick and “party tricks” since I was little and now I have learn most of everything I want ( half of the skill are something that you have also learned ) I find it interesting how people can learn the same thing but in many many different way and also struggle in a area that the other person finds relatively easy. I have just landed my first backflip on grass and I know that you will get it eventually it took me about a 5 months to really be super super confident in throwing one on the ground and of course I have fallen flat on my face but nothin too serious. Either way thank for all the motivation and Ik the whole LVworld community believes in you We are waiting mike

    David EdmondsDavid EdmondsPirms Gada
  • You should learn to do a flyaway

    GLFR 10GLFR 10Pirms Gada
  • yo this is what naruto taught me

    RYgamer1RYgamer1Pirms Gada
  • Thank you, really, I’m from Latin America. People over here love their comfort zone, they don’t take risk and lately neitheir did I, but thanks to you content and your way of seeing thigns I try to give 100% at all the small and big things I do

    Troy CastroTroy CastroPirms Gada
  • I remember doing the mile swim in boy scouts

    LandonLandonPirms Gada
  • him: push yourself outside of your comfort zone me: looks at myself on the couch watching youtube

    NY canNY canPirms Gada
  • Could you do the kip up? If no, can u make a video where you try to learn it please? Like for let him read it

  • I'm 12 currently, and several years ago I got hurt like all the time and so I took a month to whenever I got hurt just shrug it off and say it's just another feeling my body wants me to consider so I don't get injured further just don't react and everything will be all right. so after years of doing this ive gotten to the point where you can round house kick me in the stomach and I will barely flinch if I do at all.

    !INFERNO!!INFERNO!Pirms Gada
  • Everyone try to shower with very cold water everyday for a week/month. That is a good way to pass your comfort zone

    Leander AunvikLeander AunvikPirms Gada
  • Well spoken

    AdamAdamPirms Gada
  • Brian Alsruhe, a youtuber strongman actually enofrces the same idea with "Get comfortable being uncomfortable"

    Just a random guyJust a random guyPirms Gada
  • Yo mick when are you going to do 2 try on backflip

    EPIC Fishy Gamer 126EPIC Fishy Gamer 126Pirms Gada

    ZatiCohZatiCohPirms Gada
  • this is such a good video, i was so inspired to do stuff after this, i starting running way way faster from slight discomfort, i was used to running with a backpack which made me faster, i did a back flip after this, i started doing a lot of athletic things,all cause of this video, thank you.

    nicklouknickloukPirms Gada
  • U need to learn how to wheelie a bmx

  • If the quote, “you live and you learn,” had a face, it would be Mike’s.

    Jordan BeagleJordan BeaglePirms Gada
  • Please do how to manual on a scooter

    Robin MarshMusicRobin MarshMusicPirms Gada
  • you don't know how much you actually inspire and motivate me thank you and keep up the good work

    Syeda SanaSyeda SanaPirms Gada
  • This channel is LAIRNING!🤣 no hate comment.

    MasihMasihPirms Gada
  • Mike: This is how long it will take me to become worthy to life Thor’s Hammer Day one, hour zero

    1,000 Subscribers with no videos challenge1,000 Subscribers with no videos challengePirms Gada
  • Thank you for the quality content

    KaTeXKaTeXPirms Gada
  • so basically try harder

    Simon USimon UPirms Gada
  • I want to larn some stuff

    Plop PlopPlop PlopPirms Gada
  • Seek Discomfort!

    BrandonFlemingBrandonFlemingPirms Gada
  • Listening to his audio, felt like listening to an audition to voice a character.

    KnnokoKnnokoPirms Gada
  • All those skills learned. But if you don’t refine them over and over you will eventually unlearn them.

    Madara UchihaMadara UchihaPirms Gada
  • Mastering backpacking by your self

    Inji ChoeInji ChoePirms Gada
  • Do getting black belt in taekwondo next

    Inji ChoeInji ChoePirms Gada
  • yes theory collab time?

    Tino OrTino OrPirms Gada
  • Hey man, love your videos. Here is a chalenge for you - learn balisong (butterflight knife) flipping. It is dangerous but there are trainers, which are not sharp. :) Also because of you I started cubing more often and my average is 36 and my personal best is 21. Good luck! :)

    KAYOKAYOPirms Gada
  • I've been doing pull ups off and on for years. At my peak this is what I was doing. Every other day I would run 3 miles without any stops, then after the run I would do 5 sets of 12 pull ups, 25 push ups, 20 tricep dips, 15 reverse pull ups, 20 sit ups. I would repeat this until I did 5 sets of these calisthenic exercises. Even then, every now and then I'd try a muscle up and couldn't get close to it lol. So yeah this is super impressive. For me working out is sort of a roller coaster, but I've picked it back up the last month or so and I'm back to running every other day (3 miles), and I'm doing 2 sets of 12 pull ups, 25 push ups, 20 tricep dips, 20 sit ups. I've been motivated recently to try and actually focus my energy on doing my first muscle up. After doing a youtube search on "muscle up" and finding this video, it's given me a ton of motivation! I think I'm going to buy a pull up bar I can set up in my back yard, and on my days off from running/working out, I'll dedicate 20 minutes of pure muscle training for doing muscle ups. I already have the resistant bands. This video has me super pumped to give this a go. Muscle ups are very advanced, the fact that you went from not being able to do a proper pull up to being able to do 5 muscle ups in a row after 90 days lol. Like that's unreal man, beyond impressive and very motivating to see! Thanks for such a great video!

    Jason WJason WPirms Gada
  • Time to study 1 hour before the exam to reach level of discomfort

    Tenlong HwongTenlong HwongPirms Gada
    • _doesn't do the test_

      Ciro EvertonCiro EvertonPirms Gada
    • *doesn’t study at all*

      Nam CaoNam CaoPirms Gada
    • *studies while taking the test

      Full-time POGFull-time POGPirms Gada
    • *Studies when the exam is right about to be given*

      Jakub PluhařJakub PluhařPirms Gada
  • You and yes theory were made for each other i would love to see a collab

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  • Yo look up Yes Theory on LVworld. If you like discomfort.... these guys invented it.

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  • Mike boyed : never give up

    Sor JingAnn 7MSor JingAnn 7MPirms Gada
  • You've learned to Muscle up but now you should try to learn to hold the planche

    Royce martin BMXRoyce martin BMXPirms Gada
  • Try a wall flip

    Nigel RichardsonNigel RichardsonPirms Gada
  • Love the real lessons that aren't masked behind a fake marketing personality

    SchoritzobanditSchoritzobanditPirms Gada
  • learn a video gaming skill ! it ll increase ur followers !

    Mobeen IsmailMobeen IsmailPirms Gada
  • Skill idea: learn beatbox

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  • Took me 2 weeks to get 3 muscle ups

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  • Can you learn how to give a woman the fastest squirting orgasm?

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  • I’ve been here since 500k, your really growing man keep it up!

    ParavoidXParavoidXPirms Gada
  • This is so accurate. When you push yourself to the zone of comfortably uncomfortable you realize mentally how much you have to give. You're really only start to scratch the surface of potential and the human ability once you remove the easy relaxed attitude. Stay disciplined stay motivated push through hard moments of discomfort and failure because every failure is a step towards success.

    Jonathan DaviesJonathan DaviesPirms Gada
  • Learn to drift

    Jerry MouseJerry MousePirms Gada
  • Thanks for motivating me Mike

    Jose Christopher OjanoJose Christopher OjanoPirms Gada

    Mia CorradiniMia CorradiniPirms Gada
  • im struglying with my hoby and its supposted to be fun but im stuck, i guess i just need to continue till i can really enjoy it and have fun!

    isa jisa jPirms Gada
  • I'm a big fan of your channel Mike, you should watch some you tube clips of David Goggins to hear what real discomfort is all about..he ran 100 miles around a 1 mile track NON STOP without training for it FFS! :-). Keep your vids coming they are really informative

    Black HawkBlack HawkPirms Gada
  • song at the beggining?

    charles stevenscharles stevensPirms Gada
  • Getting comfortable with discomfort. Best advice ever!

    Kim OlssonKim OlssonPirms Gada
  • 3:52 did he farted?!?! 😂😂

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    • Nah

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  • Learn to play a video games really well I mean really well

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  • dude thank you soo much i wanted to achive one achivment in a game which is really hard like extremly and i tryed puahing myself outside my comfort zone and now im like a pro in game thanks

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  • Learn straddle planche

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  • Check out David Goggins, that dude is the king of pushing outside of comfort

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  • Learn to play the trumpet

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  • Lets see those muscle ups now Mike? I think you may struggle again.... That's how I found your channel originally although I still can't do a muscle up! I have wanted to do them for years, (I can just about do 9-10 pull ups at the moment), but I guess just never really committed myself fully to the task. If you make a new video of you doing them again I will make sure that this is the year I will also be able to do 5.

    MrKrispe74MrKrispe74Pirms Gada
  • You are an inspiration.

    Naquadah YTNaquadah YTPirms Gada
  • can you learn how to play table tennis or ping pong?

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  • Do a TedTalk oh shit i just realized someone already said that lol

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  • 2:35 when donkey won't get out of your swamp

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  • I usually do 5 sets of 5 reps of most of my exercises at 100% effort.

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  • Learn how to do a headspin!!

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  • Still waiting for backflip part 2

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  • Make a video on learning to front lever

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  • *mike boyd in an interview* Interviewr-Tell us something which is not in your C.V. Mike-Yes

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  • I started wading up to my neck in the water where I live in Washington State for 10 minutes. The water lately has been 45% - 48% Fahrenheit. It has been a tremendous lesson in discipline. I've become really fascinated with how my mind works while I am in the cold water. Wim Hof is right, "Cold is the teacher."

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  • Yes theory

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  • This guy is basically batman i love hes vids

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  • Upload more videos please

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  • Hey, Mike! Have you ever thought about learning how to surf (without lessons)?

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  • I've really noticed what he's talking about when I play video games, getting your ass kicked by higher levels gets you gud ez pz

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  • when people are making jokes about if he forgets to record actually forgets to record when does muscle ups

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  • ur such a legend, been following you since you had around 50k... loving every of your videos. Also your glasses match your face perfectly - this channel is pure gold!

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  • One thing I’ve learned from this channel was to learn from your mistakes, in the videos you would watch the video and learn what you could do better

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