How Difficult is it to Find Food in the Forest?

24 jūn 2019
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This week I try my hand at wild foraging in the forest. Will I be able to find a safe meal, or will I pick something poisonous? The aim was to find enough calories in the forest to suffice for a full day.
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  • If you live in a moisture abundant area, search for Cattail with its unmistakable cigar like flower head. The entire plant is useful. The root can be used to make soup, as it is full of starch The middle stalk is full of jelly which can be used as analgesics The rest of the stem can also be cooked The cigar like flower head is an excellent fire tinder. I too wanna learn foraging. It's an amazing life skill. Happy foraging, brother 👍😊

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  • are you seeing Me vs Wild?!?!?

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  • this time aarrmed with som KnOwLeDgE

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  • there is a common grown plant around where i live that we call "plantin" because we have southern US accents. but the more gommon known name for is is "rugel's plantain" or the "american plantain." in fact, it is so common where i live that i could step out to my backyard and have a good sized meal with it. you can steam it and fry it. its not bad. in fact my parents cook it for supper sometimes. i dont know if it is common in england but i reccomend you search it up. if it is common, its really easy to find if you have learned what it looks like.

    AJ HowlAJ HowlPirms 7 dienām
  • I kinda wanna learn foraging so i can pick up random plants and just snack on them

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  • My favorite place to go foraging is the grocery store. 😂😂😂

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  • "Buttercups are surely fine" Watcher.exe has stopped working

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  • Avoid: -Bad smell -White sap -Bad taste -poison stingy leaves -Bright colors Search for: -Spikes -insect bites -Unicolored plants -other animals eating the plant

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  • Just graze. You can eat grass.

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  • He has 777 dislikes he is lucky????

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  • CAN U NOT live my dream please!?!?!?! Jk I luv u ;)

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  • Eats a plant "This tastes like a plant"

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  • definitely

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  • "Today I risk my life for clout on youtube"

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  • Foraging is pretty easy. I go out to my neighbor's garden and forage a lot of edible plants there all the time

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  • Ur supposed to pick nettles in the leaves not the damn stem

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  • Mike: hmmmn what’s this? “Eats poison ivy”

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  • Fun Fact: frying pans DONT grow on trees

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  • I’ll give u 5 bucks if u eat it

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  • Bear gryls wanabbe

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  • What book did you use? Mainly the one at 6:54.

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  • Pro tip: look for blue spots on mushrooms, if you see blue, put it down.

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  • was that a babish refrence i saw

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  • When your not a plantoligist it just looks like the guy who was telling him what and what not to eat was just shaking a bunch of different sized leaves

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  • The second he said nettles i prayed that he’d touch it lol

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  • 5:29 He could actually make an excuse that he found the Keebler’s tree

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  • Its 2020 and im watching this just in case

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  • 4:30 that looks exactly like lickerish plant and I swear I eat it when I see it

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  • a moment of silence to the ancestors of ours who sacrificed themself just to prove if it is toxic or not. F

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  • So relaxing

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  • That's another proof that we are not carnivores, and we were never. We are not meant to hunt animals with bare hands, that's why is easier to find and eat food that grows in nature.

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  • This man is going to survive the apocalypse for sure.

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  • actually you could survive more than 3 days without food as long as you have water

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  • You know what they say! : Eat Grass

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  • What song did you use at 5:29?

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  • This is what it’s like to have a peanut allergy 😂

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  • "smells like a plant, not like food" wtf are you thinking only because you have edible leaves they don't smell like spaghetti Bolognese lmao

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  • Yeah I highly highly recommend learning by having someone with knowledge of the plant teach it to you in person. Nothing beats being in nature and having someone else point to the plant say this is this, and show you exactly what you should be looking for. Using a flora and trying to identify them on your own is a way you can do it. But more risky. Having someone who knows how the plant should look, smell and taste and can recognise a missidentified plant because they will know something is of, I is potentially life saving (knowledge you don’t have if you are trying to recognise a plant you don’t have much if any previous knowledge about). Plants you do know how they should smell and taste, because you’ve encountered/eaten and are relatively familiar, but not maybe seen the whole plant or grown in the wild will be safer to do on your own, but still be incredibly cautious in doing research and in identification. See if you have any relatives or acquaintances that either does forage food or grown up foraging one or more items in your local area and ask if they are willing to teach you. Or look up a course or expert

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  • If you're forging expert I want to marry you

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  • There are tons of wild onions in my woods

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  • Peppers: Makes itself spicy so animals wont like it Humans: *Pepper eating competition*

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  • Pppppp

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  • Fun fact: he passed out after this video

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  • As an old Russian colleague told me, 'you can eat anything but some things only once'.

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  • Would you consider doing a follow-up? This is my favourite video by far.

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  • Learn how to ride a horse

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  • Those plants are in lithuania too so it was wierd

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  • Does it bother anyone else that his hands are wrinkled I know it happens when we swim but it is weird that he’s dry

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  • Eats cookie... "I just found it over there"

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    • Mike its too early to dip into the emergency rations

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  • don't worry this ain't what vegans eat

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  • Interesting video!

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  • Restaraunt:I have the best food ever Mike Boyd:im about to end this whole mans career

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  • I have watched many survivalists and read survival guides, basically it boils down to avoid mushrooms outright, they don't even provide much nutrients and can kill you, even a couple experts over the years have died from mistaking mushrooms as being OK to eat, also you can survive nearly two weeks without food thus it's not a huge worry to go a couple days to catch that fish, the main and first issue you must solve is finding decently clean water source.

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  • Eat the leaves, momma done told me ya need greens.

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  • My name Jeff

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  • Gordon Ramsay: needs salt Nature: yes chef sorry chef

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  • The next day: Breaking News! LVworldr Mike Boyd has passed away from eating a poisoned mushroom

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    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dying

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  • can you not edit out information on what all those bad plants are please

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  • Hoping he would get some magic mushrooms

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  • I found a mushroom and i ate it and im high Yeah its magic mushrooms

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  • next up : learning how mine diamonds

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  • just dont die and wount die

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  • Dose any one know what books he was using

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  • What a nature ha! In the UK it rains tea and biscuits grow in the forests! Gie it laldy!!

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  • I’m just watching this while eating delicious ketchup chips lol

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    • Ty’s Games delicious and ketchup chips is an oxymoron

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  • Pretty sure this guy is just trying to become the ultimate human so as to evolve humanity after the apocalypse

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  • Where is that white hooded sweatshirt from?

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  • lol "doesn't taste of Michelin stars

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  • Do you know that I belong to a tribal family in India. So I have knowledge of all wild vegetation.

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  • 1:13 the irony is that the spiky plant is wild raspberry.

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  • "this one is spikey, and has thorns" *proceeds to hold the stem*

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  • I have a cookie tree in my backyard too!

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  • Stinging needeles spinach is the best

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  • and he was nether heard from agian

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  • The title of the video should be : "Becoming bear grills for one day"

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  • Dude where in the world did you get that pan and knife Btw you did a good job finding everything👍

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  • Pls make a survival series like a week without modern tools

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  • I wanted to hike alone since no one wanted to come with me. Hopefully I get to eat some delicious wild mushroom

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  • How to survive: only eat dandelions

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  • 0:42 "I'm just gonna pick plants that look edible. Lets see where that gets us." Hospital.

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  • What books did you use

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  • Heart shaped cloves.sour grass spade shaped leaves . Two that taste ok in USA and wild grapes

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  • "is it possible to find a days worth of food in the forest" Well, we wouldnt be watching this video if it wasnt, life would still be contained in the ocean if it wasnt.... Alright, bad joke. But the obvious awnser is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING YES.

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  • Can you do more videos like this please I and many others love this thanks 🙏

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  • *bear grylls has joined the chat*

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  • I tricked a friend once to pick up a nettle, I told him if you grabbed the top most leaf you get good luck, like a 4 leaf clover.

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  • *buttercups are fine* Undertale: THATS WHAT THE GAME IS ALL ABOUT IDIOT!

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  • its not hard to find food in the forest its just hard trying to stay alive after eating some random plant/mushroom/anything in the forest you found

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  • 2:08 Buttercups, you say? HELL NO

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  • Here you go if you have no idea about what plants to eat ..How many trees are poison? There is trees you can eat And drink clean water from.. Birch thin inner bark raw But better cooked ...Spring time with a slight V cut gives water if you know how to squeeze in a wood chip as a spout And something under it to catch water..Maple in the winter......Spruce needles for add vitamins as a tea However slight. If i was transported into the UK I would not be able to have a long term survival skill Maybe little more than 3 to 4 weeks ..But its the UK lol i'm sure i would find a house before that lol Most of Europe fits in my province

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  • Laugh's in polish

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  • I would probably accidentally poison myself Even if the plants arent poisonous

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  • You should have done: Survive for a week in the forest eating only plants and insects from the forest relying only on universal edibility test for eatability identification. Documenting the slight poisoning effects from those deadly plants would have given so much excitement and subscribers.

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  • try to catch animal into trap!

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  • Usually spikey plants are gaurding edible fruit. Which is their defensive measure not poison. Innocent looking Mushrooms, and leafy plants are almost always poison.

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  • clean plate club bwb

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  • Binging with boyd