How Difficult is the Salmon Ladder from Ninja Warrior?

21 mai 2019
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In this episode, I find out how difficult the Salmon Ladder is from the TV show Ninja Warrior. The Salmon Ladder is a 2nd stage obstacle and has become a staple on the show. It's success rate averages around 60-70%. There are many variations but usually the goal is anywhere between 4 and 7 rungs. I set my milestone at 7 rungs. The movement is similar to muscle ups and pull up but requires a significantly stronger grip.
Thanks to for allowing me to try this out and film. Go check them out if you are in the area (Edinburgh).
Special thanks to Calum Connelly on this one for his expertise and showing me the ropes.
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  • All he needs to practice with the Salmon Ladder now is to climb *down* one rung at a time.

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  • Alternate title: How Difficult is the Salmon Ladder from Arrow?

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  • Fun fact: he could’ve made it day one without any issues if only he used switch grip which is like mandatory for any ninja with these moving bar obstacles, that way the bar won’t ever rotate, negating any requirements for excessive grip strength

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