How Hard is it to Get Into Oxford University?

6 nov 2020
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In this weeks episode I attempt the Oxford Admissions Test for mathematics. I attempt to learn to pass the exam as quickly as possible. We set the pass mark at 60% (60/100) as applicants who score 60 have a 70% chance of getting an interview.
Thank you to Dr Tom Crawford for his help here. Check out his work:,under%20the%20supervision%20of%20Prof
Want to try the exams for yourself? Here they are, solutions included. (I sat papers 2016 (scored 37) and 2018 (scored 62)):
My name is Mike Boyd and I make videos documenting my process of learning stuff really fast! Subscribe for more upcoming videos and feel free to tell me what you'd like me to learn next in the comments.

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  • When mike was wearing the sub fusc I realized just how English mike really is.

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  • You know someones cool when they have a Pokémon tattoo

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  • Did the Oxford math professor actually have frickin pokeballs tattoo on his arm?

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  • My best friend got rejected drom Oxford today, yet this vile girl in my class got an Interview. She said she only applied to see if she could get in, she is rejecting he place in the summer. Wtf

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  • *Harvard*

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  • Oxford exam: gets 37/100 JEE Main and advanced: hold my beer!

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  • how hard is it doing geometry Mike? ITS HARDD

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  • Practice? That’s not it I’ll tell you. There is are fundamental things you have to do before you practice. - why are you practicing? - what are your problems - do you understand your mistakes and see what you did wrong and the correct answers for them? - will you do your mistakes again? And that leads to practicing.

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  • I challenge you to do a full front lever!! Please try it out . Gl

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  • Repent of your sins and follow Jesus Christ Almighty

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  • What a maths teAcher

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  • Harvard be like: I think we should have a formal agreement to not have a war against each other

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  • d/dy(e^x) =e^x ?shouldn't it be zero?

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  • I am good at math problems that are straightforward (ex straight-up math equations), but problems in contests or problems that I see here are not straightforward, and I find them really hard. I don't even know where to start. What should I do?

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  • I challenge you to complete CS50x. A course by Harvard University to the introduction of computer science here's a link to their website - you wont be able to do it this year bcz theres only 1 month left so try it out for 2021 I commented this on 1st december 2020

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  • The engineer in me is making me write this. you had d/dy e^x = e^x . We all known what you meant but the derivative of e^x with respect to y is 0. you meant d/dx e^x = e^x . i apologize for my math OCD

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