Learn the Spoons Into Cup Trick || Guest Video

12 jūl 2018
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Go check out the LVworld channel Jake and Josh:
In this guest episode of Learn Quick, Josh and his buddy Jake try their hand at something I've never seen before; an old spoons-in-cups trick. Thanks to Jake and Josh for covering for me whilst I'm on my honeymoon! These guys have a great channel so go check it and support them. That's the last of the guest videos, I'm back next week with my usual content. Stay tuned!
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  • Thanks so much for the feature, Mike!!! I wanna see you give it a try!

    Josh HortonJosh HortonPirms 2 Gadiem
    • Dotted my kids in a long day of the movies I wanna was the first time I wanna I wtwas was the way I gotta you know what wI I wwwwwwwwww was a good wnight was wa well done to you and I don’t know how to do that you have to do it you can do it you want to me and I wanna was a way w

      Kayden CollinsKayden CollinsPirms 4 Mēnešiem
    • Hey Josh, I saw you when I took my kids to CIY Believe! I love everything ya do! Thanks for being a light man! You’re awesome!

      itsAcrylicGamesitsAcrylicGamesPirms 7 Mēnešiem
    • @gab same

      Panayiota VasiliadesPanayiota VasiliadesPirms 11 Mēnešiem
    • Josh Horton I subbed to you

      Thomas ElabbasiThomas ElabbasiPirms Gada
    • When you've seen Josh juggle a 5 ball half shower in a supermarket using limes instead of balls, you've kinda seen it all really :-)

      Jack RussellJack RussellPirms Gada
  • Props to mike, he could of easily made the video 10 minutes but he didn’t

    PattyNPattyNPirms 21 dienas
  • See the thumbnail below this and this video's thumbnail at same time

  • 2 boys 5 cups

    「プラン」WarDimension「プラン」WarDimensionPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • super meh

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  • Who else got a 30 minute ad and watched the whole thing

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  • This video and the video before match😂

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  • You know they got it when the music changed

    Kevin CallensKevin CallensPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Learn the rip stick it is so much fun

    Isaac MorganIsaac MorganPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • 6:39 Me: hears the beat is about to drop Also me: Oh yeah, it's all coming together

    RedCortexRedCortexPirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • One of them is setting it up every time before and after their turn and the other is being lazy

    PixelzPixelzPirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • Jake is honestly such a mood

    GamingMadnessGamingMadnessPirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • It was obvious they were going to make once the happy/inspirational music started playing

    Fury MasterFury MasterPirms 6 Mēnešiem
  • Two spoons one cup?

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  • I know juggling Josh's Channel

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  • Am I the only one that heard together we are drake and josh

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  • learn to paint like Bob Ross also learn some card trick slight of hand

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  • Ok boormr

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  • Pure Gold 1 is the name of the song for the homies that didnt know

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  • No, The music doesn't kill the surprise

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  • How much have they said creative in the first two minutes

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  • Can you please ask Dude Perfect to learn a number skills that would be really out there......

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  • Learn Drifting!!! ........ . . Planes!

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  • has anyone been a early 2000's kid and watched a show called drake and josh

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  • Juggling josh

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  • is everyone cringy these days?

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  • I love that the goal required alternating teamwork. Makes it much more fun with a friend.

    dandymcgeedandymcgeePirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • kreatif banget trik yang luar biasa

    Anak RantauAnak RantauPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • josh looks like a brazilian singer chico buarque!!! when he was younger. and it is also a meme. look it up!!

    Julia GomesJulia GomesPirms Gada
  • So when glue gun was not a thing then how did people from 1900’s used to stick the glasses to the tray lmao

    Cookie GeneratorCookie GeneratorPirms Gada
    • They probably just used screws to secure the cups back then

      AeroGold1AeroGold1Pirms Gada
  • Learn to use a balisong (butterfly knife)

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  • But the real question is... ...Jake, where's the door hole?

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  • Drake and josh

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  • Pfffft I can flip 50 at once

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  • This week I learned to win an argument with my mom

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  • Well done boys

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  • You know when they about to do it cause the music starts playin

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  • you can see by the music if they are about to make a trick.

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  • This vid turned into jake and josh

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  • I thought he said drake and josh😂

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  • 4:09 resumes the clock it instantly goes to 9:11, what is this a joke?

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  • Josh!

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  • *finish challenge on beat drop* *three times*

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  • Yuck where is Mike in this video

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  • This is a Mike boyd thing...I don't care to watch these losers do things...

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  • Your just a rip-off of Drake and Josh!

    ??Pirms Gada
  • Jugglers are very good at performing a controlled toss consistently, so i wouldn't be surprised that the juggler picked this up quickly, although the "non-juggler" did quite well too...

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  • Shame these were the only guests that blew up

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  • Learn to make a flipbook

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  • Ride a cycle without touching the handle

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  • *_Jake and Josh? Isn't that that show on Nic- Oh wait no'deon..._*

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  • i think day 1, hour 1 would be better ...

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  • 6:01 you know when da music on it’s gonna happen

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  • Never seen people this excited bout some spoons and cups I love it

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  • hacks

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  • "magnets"

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  • 9/11

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  • 日本人いる⁇

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  • I know who is jake and josh an also they are friends with thats amazing

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  • So like drake and josh Edit: oh s*%t someone already posted that

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  • Hey everyone, I started a fundraising campaign for I need money for new computer because I'm in schoo. Please tap to donate- gf.me/u/qz6y4f

    mysticalbee 9744mysticalbee 9744Pirms Gada
  • This was an awesome video! I love both of your guys channels! You both have inspired me to start juggling and skateboarding! You guys should do more collaborations together!

  • we talkin bout practice

    Luka VojvodicLuka VojvodicPirms Gada
  • I like how at the end he says don't try this at home but after that he says use it as a party trick No hate tho

    godsangeljc95godsangeljc95Pirms Gada
  • 4:09 goes straight to 911

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  • Discovered Jake and Josh through this and then Jake promptly left their channel.

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  • Pause the video at 4:10 and look at the bottom left

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    • Wow

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    • Lol

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  • Can someone make a school version

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  • Josh horton.

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  • Oh yeah yeah

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  • very good, makes me go "Oh yeah yeah"

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  • learn that yourself

    nattivGamingnattivGamingPirms Gada
  • I have to say, this was more of a trick shot than a skill to learn. Also, it wasn’t even close to as Mike Boyd-ish as the other guest videos. The editing style was like their own videos, which makes sense. However, I think most Mike Boyd viewers didn’t like it as much as the other guest videos because they subscribed for Mike’s editing style and skill learning. This is a good video, but not what many Mike Boyd viewers like to watch.

    EfficiencyEfficiencyPirms Gada
  • 8:37: "Do Not Try This At Home" 8:52: "Talks About Trying It At Home"

    RεαρεηRεαρεηPirms Gada
    • Ikr

      Myckey MouseMyckey MousePirms Gada
    • lol

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  • The timing with the music tho

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    wanderingbumbwanderingbumbPirms Gada

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  • i wanna learn this. but to keep things even more exciting im starting with knives and apples

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  • I like your fence

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  • At 3:31 u can see the shadows of the spoons in the cups? What's that all about then

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  • Tray-way👌🏼

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  • Ok jake and josh and drake and josh come on now “pretty creative names” 😂😂😂😂

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  • Jake and Josh? Sounds like a bootleg drake and josh

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  • Thank you so much for all the entertainment. I want to see you try to solve the 13 x 13 rubik's cube in under thirty minutes

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  • It would have been better if these two had even slightly stayed to the format of the show. There are no quick edits, no freeze frames when they are successful, no good music. The other two guests really nailed the editing style. But these two just feel like they are uploading a video on there own channel, which isn’t the point of being a guest on a show.

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  • Dude Perfects little cousin that get enough attention from grandma 😂😂

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  • Meanwhile I’m sitting on a couch eating an orange

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  • Congrats on your marriage 👌

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  • Mike you should learn to run a marathon.

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