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14 sep 2017
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In this episode of Learn Quick I learn how to stack dice. I set the milestone at two sets of 5 dice on top of one another.
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Links for dice stacking stuff:
Dice: amzn.to/2JWNddS
Cups: amzn.to/2H9mZXM
Use 19mm casino dice. Half pint or 10-12oz PLASTIC cups with relatively straight edges are good. Don't use glass, it will smash. Don't use "stackable" cups with protrusions inside, they won't work.
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Music Credits:
0:00 Still Ballin' - Da Tooby
0:40 Pandora - Anders Bothén
2:35 El Olor De Los Andes 1 - Martin Carlberg
3:13 ES_Feeling Alright - Gavin Luke
4:24 Shake Down - Gavin Luke
5:20 Afternoon Tea Galore - Magnus Ringblom

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