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18 jūl 2017
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In this episode of Learn Quick I learn to 3D Print. (printing times are not included in the "learning times")
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I got most of the extra materials from the description from this video: lvworld.info/face/video/p5bNdY_QjJttrpU
All my CAD models for the rocket are here: bit.ly/2tAHeCf
(They will be on Thingiverse tomorrow!)
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  • Thanks for watching guys :) For more pics and updates of what I printed, check out my Instagram @mikeboydvideo

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    • thank you for this video and i too have some stuff ping on that plz

      print_the_futureprint_the_futurePirms 5 Mēnešiem
    • Nice tutorial! I like to go back to basics every once in a while and watch starter tutorials, and by far, this is definitely the most intuitive, might even start using OnShape after watching it!

      Akiya BurstAkiya BurstPirms 9 Mēnešiem
    • Mike Boyd use tinkercad next to 3dprint

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    • space X style (Reusable launch system)

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  • Spends thousands on a 3-D printer to save money on small plastic bits Stonks

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  • I am certified in AutoCAD, Inventor, and Revit (all AutoDesk products) through my engineering magnet classes i took in 9th and 10th grade.

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  • HEY can you print me some new high strength piston rods for my supercharged LS engine ?

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  • To whom this may concern, I tried taking a picture of an object after I watched your video and still don’t understand how it works. The object did not change over from 2d to 3d. I did some research and found out I should be using CAD software to complete my project. I bought a flashforge Creator Pro, a few days ago. I could not reach their customer service department. I took the picture of the object using a Samsung Galaxy, and opened it up on a CAD software program and the object just stayed 2d instead of changing to 3d. I need some advice, my email is davesplace90@gmail.com Thanks for your time. David

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      3D Maker Kid3D Maker KidPirms 2 Mēnešiem
    • No, not really. It's like US$ 20 per Kg and he must've used less than 50 grams on that. Also it's worth noting it's not resin, it's plastic.

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  • i started 3D printing in July of 2019 with same curiosity as you. Print something useful that i can use often, the print something explosive... instead of a rocket, i responsibly printed a gun. IT WORKS! lol Cheers

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