Learning to Make Fire the Hard Way

23 aug 2019
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This week I try my hand (once again) at learning to make fire the old fashioned way - fire by friction. I previously failed at getting an ember going with the hand drill technique. In this revisit I try using different kinds of woods and work on my technique more to see if that makes a difference.
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  • I know away to start a fire that worked for me and all you need is two rocks and dry grass you bang the rocks together so you make sparks then put it on the dry grass and if you wanted to make a big fire you would put in wood

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  • Imagine you and your friends are playing tag and then you just see a man dancing around fire

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  • Mark Rober needs to make a machine that turns the stick for you

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  • Where do we find those songs ? ~5:00

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  • Imagine while he was dancing he fell and caught on fire

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  • Yes, Brooklyn nine nine. My favourite show ever.

  • This is watch he was watching on the tv, Brooklyn nine-nine Holt makes Amy and Rosa investigate jakes bad luck, but he also insults Gina, Charles partners with hitchock and scully *interesting*

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  • Cars go 3:02

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  • 2:54 family friendly video

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  • *LEarn*

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  • heres a tip: go for speed, not strength when spinning it. If you press down too hard, it gives your hand tons of blisters. Also, try to have a stick with as much contact with the wood as possible, to maximize friction between the two sticks

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  • I really love your videos bro

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  • @MikeBoyd you need to watch this video of how to make fire an EASIER WAY lvworld.info/face/video/ps3Jim_OpZuWmpU

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  • I just came from a video where a tribal man made fire in less than a minute

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  • Haha apes together strong get stick rub stick with another stick get fire

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  • Dis man said 50 thousand years ago but were only in 2020

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  • Last winter me and my friend Basel where at the frozen lake In our village, and we tried to do fire as well. After two hour my older brother came, I gave him my stick and said: Try it yourself. And he put it in to a log and in about 30seconds he had pure fire...

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  • Prehistoric Kids:

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  • 3:09 u litte sh*t 😂😂😂

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  • If you wanna replicate what they did 50.000 years ago, then you cant even use a Steel knife, you have to use a stone/flint knife. Fail

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  • 1:39 Famous last words

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  • You that you mayt get a splinter rigth?

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  • When cavemen where spinning sticks because they where bored:

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  • *i used the tree to burn the tree*

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  • Brooklyn 99. I respect that

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  • 'Using no man Mae materials' Instantly whips out a stainless steel knife

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  • Today I learned Mike Boyd watches Brooklyn 99

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  • If you struggling you can probably use really green leaves then you use you stick then blow it because of oxygen fire+oxygen=fire faster so yea

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  • This is how wildfires are started

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  • I love Brooklyn 99

  • The way he celebrates at the end cracks me up Like if u agree

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  • My fav part was when she zooms in to Mikes tummy XDDD 7:38

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  • A knife is a man made object 😂😂😂

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  • you put leaves and grass around where your making the fire

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  • But he used a knife, they would use a rock.

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  • As you are based in the UK, so also in europe, what wood did you use? Most videos are in english and even more are based in the us or australia with different vegetation

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  • Makes you wonder how they even discovered fire in the first place. Why would they keep on trying and trying doing an unknown, strenuous activity, for so flippin' long, expecting it to do something.

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  • Good choice of music for the videos!

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  • I don't feel the same anymore without him saying "DAY 1 HOUR 0"

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  • 1:34 dude cut your nails

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  • Day 6 hour 6 means you spent 6 hours overall or you spent 6 hours on day 6 specifically?

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  • Ya I’m a year late but I realized he’s watching my favorite show Brooklyn 99

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  • This video should be called “how to make a smoke bomb”

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  • Why are you making a fire in the middle of the woods where there’s a easy chance that the whole forest might burn lol 😂

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  • The materials are key doing it this way. If one's truly interested, dave reallybigmonkey has an excellent material selection vid on this technique. Best I've seen anyway. Granted, your region may not contain the same species but seeing what he prefers definitely guides you to choosing a proper regional substitute.

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  • Pls try to make fire with rocks

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  • You could also learn to make string or som shit

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  • Hey this time can you make fire with rocks

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  • I learned how to juggle three days ago, I also learned how to back flip, and side flip

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  • His ancesters must be proud

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  • I’m watching this on august 23 2020

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  • U are suppose to push down the stick for friction and spin it as hard as u can

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  • *man no make fire* *laughs in cavemen*

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  • 7:45 when man founds fire :D look how he is happy

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  • 0:58-1:00

  • i will learn this even tho im 12

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  • Our ancestors must be proud once he made fire.

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