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26 jan 2017
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I tried to learn the backflip. I'll come back to it.
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  • Guys, what tips do you have? Either to over come fear or simply just technique. Interested to hear what you think.

    Mike BoydMike BoydPirms 4 Gadiem
    • Just keep going

      Youth PianoYouth PianoPirms 15 dienām
    • I would start small and if u scared move ur head to the side

      Lily GrLily GrPirms Mēneša
    • Y

      FahaoudiFahaoudiPirms Mēneša
    • Comment number 500

      Liam HortenLiam HortenPirms 2 Mēnešiem
    • Hey Mike!!! My tip for you to overcome the fear is 1. Practice in a pool 2. Try going on a muscle up bar at least 3 feet tall sit on top then grab on the bar then fall backwards 3. Try it again try to curl up more and get more momentum Thanks....

      JayHoa PianoJayHoa PianoPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • zz

    MBBxADINOXzzMBBxADINOXzzPirms 16 Stundām
  • Mikeeeeeeeeee you have to try again please is season 2021 it's time to do it

    Bruno Cruz :3 UwUBruno Cruz :3 UwUPirms 3 dienām

    FareedFareedPirms 9 dienām
  • 2021 now, maybe time to revisit?

    Jørgen BenderJørgen BenderPirms 11 dienām
  • learn how to slackline if you havent already

    Jason MontalvoJason MontalvoPirms 14 dienām
  • you are supposed to jump straight up not diagnally

    Khaled HadjiKhaled HadjiPirms 15 dienām
  • Many years ago I tried some backflips on trampolines. It was all going well until I gave the flip too much force and too little height. My knees caught on the ground and stopped dead but my body kept rotating. It bent backwards and left me out of breath. Desperately gasping for air while getting none for a long 15 seconds was horrible. I have never tried to flip backwards ever again and I don't think my body is ever going to let me.

    Loben Wants RamenLoben Wants RamenPirms 16 dienām
  • try

    BlixzrBlixzrPirms 16 dienām
  • Still waiting for part 2

    AKSHAT JhunjhunwalaAKSHAT JhunjhunwalaPirms 18 dienām
  • 2021! Just here to reminds you the challenge

    蔡卓倫蔡卓倫Pirms 18 dienām
  • It’s 2021 , time to come back to this mike

    Raine TanRaine TanPirms 19 dienām
  • It's 2021, the year of the backflip. It's when we flip back to our normal lives (hopefully). And for you, it's when you learn the backflip.

    FanfictasianFanfictasianPirms 19 dienām
  • Bro u didn't complete the challenge bro pls make it again 😉

    Badrinath MishraBadrinath MishraPirms 19 dienām
  • I learned in 3 attempts.

  • So the hard things you learn fast and the easy things you learn slowly

    Judah LucasJudah LucasPirms 23 dienām
  • 0:46 yea ,i can feel that 😌🔥

    FactBabaFactBabaPirms 26 dienām
  • Your also jumping way to far back

    Ned HooseNed HoosePirms Mēneša
  • You need to throw your arms up past your ears

    Ned HooseNed HoosePirms Mēneša
  • bro it hurts a lot when to goes to floor from trampoline

    Hardik DahiyaHardik DahiyaPirms Mēneša
  • backflip with a bike????

    Pietro MassariPietro MassariPirms Mēneša
  • its 2026 come back to this

    Bryan LeonBryan LeonPirms Mēneša
  • Try it again

    Bigshotlil TBigshotlil TPirms Mēneša
  • You can do it Mike!

    MenschMenschPirms Mēneša
  • 3:26 pause right here. Do not jump back, jump up. In this frame you are jumping so far back I would’ve thought you were doing a back handspring. Your knees will rotate you so you don’t need to flip with your chest

    A big bucket of chicken nuggiesA big bucket of chicken nuggiesPirms Mēneša
  • Here’s something I always struggle with in my backflip so maybe this advice will help you (I’m a cheerleader btw) When doing a backflip do not lean backwards first. Tuck your knees in and it will rotate you. Just jump high. Remember not to open up to early and don’t open up to late. Hope this helped

    A big bucket of chicken nuggiesA big bucket of chicken nuggiesPirms Mēneša
  • Its 2021 its time to come back mike

    Outkast6Outkast6Pirms Mēneša
  • Learn it in a crossover with this fella. You have a whole list of little technical flaws that heel be able to help you straighten out (like jumping back instead of up, tucking before your at the highest point of your jump, not tucking hard enough and opening early, especially on your attempts outside the trampoline place). But from what you displayed in the video you will learn the backflip fairly quickly with a little bit of guidance and drills to understand the correct movement. You'll be able to learn to do it without proper technique but what's the point. Learn to do it well instead of just chucking it.

    SamsonerdSamsonerdPirms Mēneša
  • The literate swim significantly plug because bite premenstrually weigh underneath a imported giraffe. berserk, amusing bulb

    NootpocketNootpocketPirms Mēneša
  • mike , you did good, i cant even do a backflip or attempt it on a trampoline and im in 6th grade

    Alex NollAlex NollPirms Mēneša
  • Try it on the sea. Its more easier

    DougartDougartPirms Mēneša
  • wth that looks exactly like the tramploine park RUSH

    IrohIrohPirms Mēneša
  • ur cats are absolute chonkers hahaha

    Houssam BakkourHoussam BakkourPirms Mēneša
  • He looked like hitler lol

    Flow FC-Flow FC-Pirms Mēneša
  • Do it again Mike!

    Garry SmithGarry SmithPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • If you like this type of content you should check out mike shake he is cool.

    Bobkimbooty BoogerBobkimbooty BoogerPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • So basically back tucks are the scariest to learn but the easiest to do out of the basic flips (side flip, front flip, and back flip). What you need to do is jump up and streatch out with your body more, youre just throwing your body back and tucking. Throw your arms up then tuck your legs in tight. Trust im a parkour coach

    Rajkumar GrossRajkumar GrossPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Where is part 2

    gudebro2000gudebro2000Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • So did you actually finish this? It's easier than people think. My advice to you is replace fear with excitement. You have to practice under safe conditions until your videos show you that you can do it. And then get excited. Visualize the success. Feel it. Then for just one second... commit. You'll be surprised how easy it actually is when you finally do it.

    ninjapacman26ninjapacman26Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Couldn’t be me

    ItzVoid_52ItzVoid_52Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Dude come back to this

    Ken CannonKen CannonPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • I wonder if you should have tried jumping from the ground onto the trampoline

    Aidan VeselkaAidan VeselkaPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • 1980

    Bichitra PyakurelBichitra PyakurelPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Tips: improve your vertical jump by increasing leg strength(squats and deadlifts) and practice jumping , also do hundreds of reps at the trampoline park

    Andrew VaseyAndrew VaseyPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Does anyone know how much for a ticket to this park?

    SAMSAMPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • If i had a park like this in my place i would do the impossible

    SAMSAMPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • I learned this in 5 minutes with the help of An expert.

    My CraftMy CraftPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Hey, mike so I've been doing backflips on trampolines for ages and learned to backflip on the ground by going to the beach and doing it off the dunes onto the sand then learned how-to on a small slop of a hill to then mattress which I was also scared about so I over came it by closing my eyes and just falling onto the mattress and getting a feel for it once I was comfortable with falling onto the mattress I started to learn to back flip and eventually got rid of the mattresses and used bean bags as its a little harder then mattress then ground. obviously, my way may take way longer then you would like so make adjustments but I do recommend learning to backflip on a slope first so your feet get used to the ground shock and you perfect your tucking method hopefully whenever you do go and do a second part you come back to see this!

    ARG_GoldARG_GoldPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Mike on eof those people who can do anything physically possible

    The Chicken ManThe Chicken ManPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • If i'd be you i wouldn't do it cuz I was also in a trampoline park and i broke my spine

    LiL HarmlessLiL HarmlessPirms 2 Mēnešiem
    • Shit sorry man

      Hayden JoryHayden JoryPirms 15 dienām
    • Really? Are you in a wheelchair now?

      Die SchrankwandDie SchrankwandPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • You were learning it wrong, you weren't jumping straight up, it's not the momentum you get from your jump that gets you around, it's your hips and core, this is coming from somebody who learned this skill properly in a gymnastics setting. The first thing you should do, though I don't know how practical this would be outside a gym would be to set up boxes (I mean the kind you find in gyms that are padded) so they're shoulder high, you stand with your back to them and just jump straight up and use your core and hips to roll back onto the box after jumping, this skill is the entire backflip, once you get very comfortable doing this, and are landing on top of the boxes with your lower back and plenty of rotation, and I can't stress this enough the backflip is jump up then before the apex you throw yourself around you start with somebody helping you just like you did in your video, they grab on to the back of your shirt and their making sure you don't come down on your head, they push you around at the peak of your jump so you can dial in the rotation you actually need which is probably less than what you anticipate, this will also get you used to spotting your landing which will look like a blur that for a split second becomes focused as you stop spinning a split second before your feet touch down. The most important parts of the backflip are jumping high and a very powerful tuck, the faster and more explosively you bring your legs up the more rotation you'll get, the v-up exercise is also helpful here. I would recommend going to an adult rec session at a gym which is how I learned how to do this at 17, and I'm 6'2 so it's definitely a learnable skill if you're in decent shape, weight hurts you way more than height and the springfloor will also greatly help you. Once you get past the minimum athletic requirements it's really all technique, at the gym we used to games where everybody consecutively backflips because after just a couple your core really starts to burn, that's really the threshhold, you are whipping the 80 lbs or whatever it is of you below your core up to your chest in a split second and that's what gets you around.

    Ben CheeversBen CheeversPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • I feel u mate. I onced tried tossing my fear away I ended up breaking my waist n ass which was horrifying coz I couldn't walk even straighten my legs while lying down. Hence destination F!

    Brenden RodgersBrenden RodgersPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • 1. you need more height - if you don't have enough height its going to be harder to do ( you can see all the clips that you don't go height enough which won't give you much time to tuck) - to improve on height use a block and jump upwards like ur going for a backflip but not really - bring your arms as high as you can like your reaching for the sky 2. you probably already figured this out but you can't be scared when doing it if your going to commit to it than u have to fully commit to it if you don't you will end up hurting yourself 3. get somebody that was already done or knows how to do a backflip and still can do it (its safer) 4. you could use a block or mat or something and elevate yourself and still use the mattresses to progress and get rid of the fear 5. just still go to the trampoline park and get used to it 6. and mainly just focus on height. if you ask anybody who does flips for most of their life or you watch videos on it they would tell you to make sure you jump up instead of back and to keep facing straight and not throw your head back. Other than that please try to make a part 2 its been 3 years and it would be amazing to see you be able to do a backflip. Good luck

    JustCallMeFCJustCallMeFCPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Backflip 2020

    Connor WelchConnor WelchPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Poor kitty got scared awwww

    Ninja SnakeNinja SnakePirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Mike try backflipping in water

    Derrick FloresDerrick FloresPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Thank you Mike for doing these vids!.. very informative..thumbs up!!!

    Bryan sta cruzBryan sta cruzPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • I just got this video recomended and i think you jumped backwards and not upwards so this is why you cant do the flip i think

    Egy igen komoly emberEgy igen komoly emberPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Can't do a back flip but base on my observation and comparison of people's backflip you kind of look like jumping and leaning back too much compared to most of what I see that jumps high with almost straight body

    Ber2Ber2Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • I have just learned how to backflip. You need to focus on jumping straight up if you can because at the moment you are throwing your head back too quickly which is making you go backwards much faster than you need to which is losing you height which you need. You should try and imagine there is a wall behind you that you need to try and jump over whilst your backflipping, throw your arms up and push your chest to the sky, once you feel at your highest point then throw your head back and tuck hard and you should get over and have chance to put your feet down. This should give you a lot more time in the air and so it should make it easier for you, and therefore you’ll likely lose your fear of going over backwards. Hope this helps

    Aaron DaviesAaron DaviesPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • c'mon guys! if we can get this up to 100k likes then he might finally do a part 2!

    MaxTgaXMaxTgaXPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • When I was a young gymnast I first learned a back handspring, then the backflip. That might help.

    JordanJordanPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Don't worry foam puts are my worst nightmare too

    astral vidsastral vidsPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • As someone who has done a lot of difficult tricks, confidence and technique are both needed. The better your technique the better your confidence. I learned on a trampoline and then onto soft grass.

    CrimsonsCrimsonsPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • It's better that way. Many people who knew how to do backflips made one mistake and broke their spine and immediately died.

    Merciful TorturerMerciful TorturerPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • You gotta fix this! Do it!

    Hans Olav LeeHans Olav LeePirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Let’s go go go

    Ghetto FarmulousGhetto FarmulousPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • yo omg i learnt to backflip faster than mike boyd!! i learnt in about 2 days

    khyro.khyro.Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Learn it. I Learned it after this video was published. The key is to commit

    Eetu VierinenEetu VierinenPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Go to a beach that has a slope because you can jump off the top and land in sand

    Wheels 4 lifeWheels 4 lifePirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • you have to commit

    BoomZamBoomZamPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Anytime gunna complete this mike?????? Please

    Deepshika TumuluriDeepshika TumuluriPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • This is the kind of thing that you need to NOT hesitate. You need to do it at 100% each time. One doubt, one hesitation and you are fucked.

    Bob BobberBob BobberPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Do the continuation please

    Adam harith911Adam harith911Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • It’s 2020, time to come back to this Mike.

    ThierryThierryPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Damned Mike love your content but please get back to this I unsubbed untill you try again hahaha I'm very sorry

    ThierryThierryPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • Learned how to backflip in 5th grade. Broke my arm lol. Im 23 now, is it still possible to learn?

    aljon daljon dPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • try this again pls

    Isaac SeusyIsaac SeusyPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • so..... you ready?

    TristanTristanPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • It’s been 3 years mike

    Liam CollinsLiam CollinsPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • the wrong you do is that you make the landing more higher that will give you fear and you will stop it like what you do next time make the landing foam same high as your first place

    Marvin A. TiagaMarvin A. TiagaPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • When is he going to come back

    Lewis LittlewoodLewis LittlewoodPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • So if u want to learn a backflip i would stay on the same levle all the time... U jump to far back. U should try to jump on the spot. U start with a big matrace and end on the ground. Thats how I learnt the backflip... Good Luck 👍

    _jvli4n __jvli4n _Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Your quite good for a beginner!

    _jvli4n __jvli4n _Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • You think he can do a double one?

    Tormis KoppaTormis KoppaPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 0:31, and he was never allowed there again

    Willson LiWillson LiPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • I swear if you don’t do a part 2 before January

    THETRAPKITTY Save the poor little kittyTHETRAPKITTY Save the poor little kittyPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • You’re swinging head straight back and cutting your arms. Going straight back will make you do your backflip really low and harder to land and that’s a habit u need to get rid of. When swinging your arms make sure your arms extent all the way to your ears than you can grab your knees to rotate.

    Darth VaderDarth VaderPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • come onnnnnn backflip

    Umar KhanUmar KhanPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Yet I’ve been trying to backflip for 3 years

    Angomatic 760Angomatic 760Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • before you go from ground you want to go from the bed to bed then work your way down you cant go from low to high when your just learning how to do a back flip and hight is key and knowing that you can do it and believe in yourself trust me i know when you get the first one its so exiting but you will never get over the fear you just got to know that your capable of doing it and once your done with the bed you will want to use a mat to the ground or mat to mat that is how you ground it in your mind that your capable of doing it i hope this helped

    Ariwolf613Ariwolf613Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Are u gonna try again, Mike?

    I'll start making vids if I reach 1,000 subscribersI'll start making vids if I reach 1,000 subscribersPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • After i learnt backflip flat i did it all the time even when i was tired and broke my nose and i havent done it since im hoping to learn again soon

    xd RagePolicexd RagePolicePirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • i spent 2 years just overcoming my fears

    Dragon X FlipsDragon X FlipsPirms 3 Mēnešiem
    • slow down...

      Dragon X FlipsDragon X FlipsPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 4:09 "Why we are still here just to suffer ..... "

    I am Pure EnergyI am Pure EnergyPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Similar channel to yours from Mike Shake did his 2nd part of his backflip journey and landed, please follow up on it

    Silva HawkSilva HawkPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Hey all you need to do is to jamp up insted of back as you did in the video and you will do backflip easy

    Ori GrossOri GrossPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Just saying someone else like u actually did a backflip without trampolines. He didn't know how to do one but he was dedicated and he did it

    Dylon CiceronDylon CiceronPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Wanna give u some advice MIKE Rather than focusing on jumping backwards focus on jumping higher Try it you will find a difference very soon Waiting for the part two Mike Love from India ❤️❤️

    Neer MehtaNeer MehtaPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • That foam pit reminds me of bazinga scene

    Syamjith M RSyamjith M RPirms 3 Mēnešiem