Why Learning is Quicker Than You Think It Is

3 aug 2017
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Why learning is probably faster than you think it is.
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  • Learn to circular breathe on a wind instrument. Maybe a recorder, they're easy to get a sound out of.

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  • I love that he starts it out so dramatic and then a unicycle goes across the screen! 😂

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  • Why do you only practice for a short amount of time per day? Is it just the way it fits into your shedual or is it a technique?

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  • I agree like for 3x3 I learned 3 algorithms in 2 maybe 1 minuet

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  • School takes 5 hours there is 5 hours of your practise time gone so school sucks

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  • For a unicycle two hours is longer that most people

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  • Learn to beat a polygraph 😃

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  • You did definitely pick up unicycle very quickly though. This is coming from someone who also learned how to ride. It took me a few months to get it down, and if I were to add up all the time I'd probably put my total practice time closer to 15 or 20 hours. Still totally doable, but much longer than it took you. I think the practice multiple times a day for significant periods of time plays into it a lot too. I practiced once a week for a few months and when I actually got it down, I practiced for about 30 or 40 minutes daily until I got it.

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  • Mike - You are the most talented person I have ever dreamed of meeting. I watch all your videos and I just want to say how much you have inspired me. I think you are a great person with a great attitude and I really hope you continue what you do. 😸😸

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  • More than that, I feel that even if you are not physically practicing you are still improving just thinking about it in the pauses between the exercise sessions

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  • Learn to be 68 years old - It took me 68 years :(

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  • Hi Mike, did you have a target for how long it would take to get 1M subscribers ? (You’re getting very close !) Keep doing what you do best and you’ll get there !! Could you try learning maybe a full back twist (on a trampoline) or perhaps a stoppie but not stop ... if you understand that ? Good luck !🍀

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  • If learning is quick then why we have to sit in school for bunch of years like 7h a day?

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  • this is very motivational, well done

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  • Did Mike say he’s NOT TALENTED

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  • I love your videos and advice. Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this!

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  • Wow, I needed to see this. Been watching LVworld instead of working on projects, but it made me realise that the same principle can be applied: it *feels* like the project takes ages when in fact it’s all the procrastination I do that makes it seem longer.

    J. YeowieJ. YeowiePirms 2 Gadiem
  • Really pleased to see you still riding the unicycle - I've never counted hours on anything I've learned, but your 9 days is about typical in terms of timescale for that. It took me about 2 weeks and I think one week isn't all that uncommon. What's worth noting here is that when learning unicycle stuff (there's a lot more to learn than just riding forwards!) I always find that the brain makes connections when you're not doing it, so often things click after a few days off. I reckon this is applicable to all sorts of learning - there's more to it than hours spent, spending 3 hours in one day (getting frustrated) isn't as useful as 3 hours in half hour chunks spread over 6 days as it takes time for your brain to adapt to the stimulus. Anyway, I find your channel really interesting - I also like learning lots of different new things, but tend to take them far beyond the initial learning phase you're documenting to a fairly advanced level. I'm wondering do you take any of these skills you're learning further? To come back to the unicycle thing, there's a huge amount of other things to learn with a unicycle - so my challenge to you is to learn to ride one backwards - for me at least that took far longer to learn than riding forwards.

    Chris McSweenyChris McSweenyPirms 2 Gadiem
  • This is interestingly what I discovered as I started learning Japanese. I found study days are too dense too. Spurts here and there after other activities make everything feel great.

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  • You're inspiring an insane amount of people with your videos Mike. Keep up the good work!

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  • The other thing, though, is that, in that time in between learning sessions, your brain is constantly organising and categorising your actual experience. Learning doesn't just happen through practice - it isn't just knowledge or experience. It's the way the information is organised in your brain that allows you to efficiently perform the various actions that make up a skill.

    Oden PetersenOden PetersenPirms 3 Gadiem
  • Having learned juggling, unicycle, and several other physical skills of show-off-at-partyitude...I can agree. The basic is very quickly picked up.

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  • I think you discount the downtime as not part of the learning cycle. Time to process your mistakes and make corrections for the next go around. To this end, I think your time stated is incorrect, or at least misleading. You don't just learn by doing. For example, watching a football game actually makes you a bit better at football because you can visualize what you have seen without the need for coaching. The same goes with anything, as you think about it you build skill even with physical processes.

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