Win a Signed TONY HAWK Skateboard

28 feb 2016
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A winner has been randomly selected and has asked to remain anonymous. Thanks to everyone who entered. Well done, we raised a ton of cash for a good cause!
TL;DR the eBay winner doesn't want to pay, so I'm raffling the board instead. $2 minimum donation to enter the raffle for the board. Make sure you allow me to contact you (check box at end of donation process).
Tony Hawk said he'd donate a signed skateboard deck if I managed to learn how to heelflip. Watch the original video below:
True to his word he sent it over and now I'm raffling it off to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy UK (after a mishap on eBay). I'll choose a winner at random on the 27th March 2016. I will post to US, Australia, Europe and Canada only.
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My name is Mike Boyd and I make videos documenting my process of learning stuff really fast! Subscribe for more upcoming videos and feel free to tell me what you'd like me to learn next in the comments.
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Mike Boyd

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  • Good man

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  • is this over

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  • I’m curious to know how much money was raised. Thanks.

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  • awesome bad i am too late :))

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  • Who won, who won!?

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    • I won :)

      Sam BalSam BalPirms Gada
  • Mike, I appreciate what you're doing. You provide all the transparency we need to ensure that you are doing what you say you're doing, and you're using the LVworld platform for an amazing cause. I subscribed to you after Tony Hawk challenge, and I've been appreciating your videos ever since! Kudos, man, and keep doing what you're doing!

    Joe in BelizeJoe in BelizePirms 4 Gadiem
    • +Joe in Belize thanks, Joe. I try to be transparent in what I am doing. Thanks for your subscription. plenty more to come!

      Mike BoydMike BoydPirms 4 Gadiem
  • There's a £2 minimum donation on the Just Giving site. It's a very reasonable amount and a worthy cause, nonetheless.

    KabaDiawaraKabaDiawaraPirms 4 Gadiem
  • Sir, I would like to shake your hand. Keep it up!

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  • Nice one man - well played!

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  • done!

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  • best of luck, hope you pull in big money.

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  • Eeee shots fired #ebaysucks

  • I'd like to donate, but I got no credit card. Is it possible to donate with paypal?

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  • you so amazing

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  • no paypal?

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  • Do I get two raffle tickets for $4?

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  • i donated :) that sucks the rich guy on ebay wasted your time. Great cause. You're a great man

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  • i don't get it. i tried twice to donate 5 with my visa and it was declined (plenty available) so i wanted to try my american express but it won't let me uise that card. sorry, I tried :( --- Your donation reference: D8295****/1 Unfortunately, we were unable to complete your payment. Your card issuer advised us of the following reason: Your card has been declined.

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    • +John Thompson use paypal my friend

      Pots and PansPots and PansPirms 4 Gadiem
    • hrm. i don't see an option to send you a PM. forgive me, I don't use youtube much. can you send one to me so i can reply? or better yet, tell me your username on reddit

      John ThompsonJohn ThompsonPirms 4 Gadiem
    • +John Thompson send me a private message on LVworld or Reddit. I'll help you out.

      Mike BoydMike BoydPirms 4 Gadiem
  • Ebay = crap

    OG VendettaOG VendettaPirms 4 Gadiem
  • eBay takes a cut of the profits anyhow. Not sure why anyone would use it in the first place when funds are meant to go to charity. Not saying you intentionally did anything wrong, just saying that it looks like it ended up working out for the better in end!

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  • Run a marathon

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  • Payment sent! Wish me luck!

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  • Will multiple donations increase our chance of winning?

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  • I think we broke the site..

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  • Just donated!

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  • Sweet

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  • awesome work bro

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  • You're a really good guy, thanks man

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  • Respect

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  • Damn you are so nice man. Btw what is the nwxt challange? :)

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    • Ok man Thx

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    • +theonlyplan you'll have to subscribe and fine out! ;) will be release mid-march. thanks for watching.

      Mike BoydMike BoydPirms 4 Gadiem
  • Good on you friendo, awesome thing to do!

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  • What a good guy, keep up the great work!

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  • this is a good idea

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  • You are amazing!

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  • Can you try do the Maradona 7? it's when you juggle a football and you keep it up using your feet, knees, shoulders and head like so he can see

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  • this is really cool! great work

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  • lovely

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  • I wish I could be like u

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